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Canadian Hay Ranch is a family owned ranch nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. We are located an hour north of Calgary, west of Highway 22, living in the beautiful rolling hills of Alberta. We provide the perfect landscape for our young Canadian horses to mature into fit, and healthy adults.

We have purebred Canadian horses for sale: colts, geldings, fillies and mares, foals, and yearlings. We offer horse boarding, high quality hay, Canadian Horse stallion services, horse training. Our Canadian Horses are sound and suitable as pleasure, work, show in dressage, jumping or western. They are perfectly suited for mountain rides as they have larger hooves, bigger bones and the stamina to go up and down the hills all day.


  • Horse Breeding
  • Stallions Service
  • Horse Delivering
  • Boarding
  • Horse Training
  • Horse Hay

Horses we sell

  • 100% purebred, registered Canadian Horses
  • Young horses
  • Trail riding horses
  • Kids Horses
  • Show Horses
Purebred Canadian Horses
Purebred Canadian Horse - Caesar

Breed Characteristics

The Canadian Horse is known for its docile nature and high intelligence level. Mostly easy to train and likes to please its master. Canadian Horses love to work, are spirited and courageous. 

Colour: black, bay, occasionally chestnut

Height: 14 - 16 hh

Weight: 900  - 1000 pounds

Build: Well-muscled, well proportioned, sturdy, naturally animated gaits

Other: Thick, wavy tail and mane

Multi-Talented: dressage, hunting, jumping, ranch work, driving, eventing, show jumping, western shows, endurance riding, back country trail, ...

Parade - Canada Day  2018 in Cremona
Parade - Canada Day 2018 in Cremona

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Horses for sale

What kind of horse are you looking for?

Currently we only have young horses available. Check out our fillies and colts 2021.


Learn more about the breed and the ranch.

Origin of the Canadian Horse - Characteristics, ...

Clix Photo,, July/August 2017, p. 50
Clix Photo,, July/August 2017, p. 50
The gritty Canadian Horse exemplifies the nation that created it. So why is it at risk of disappearing?
This is an article from "" about the origin of Canada's National Horse showing two of Earl Blain's horses. Breed Characteristics, history and more - everything you should know about Canadian Horses. For the full version, download the article.
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