Stallion Service

We have three different stallions to choose to breed your mare to. All are well handled, friendly and have shown a willingness to learn new training styles and are very gentle to mares. Two of them have been under saddle, and driven a cart, even showing in Spruce Meadows and have been ridden in a number of parades. Our newest stallion is still quite young but has everything we look for in breeding. We believe he will go on to do great things.

All three stallions give something a little different to our breeding. Eros, our oldest, and only has a few years left before we retire him, has a longer back and is fairly tall, and very well put together. Revelstoke, our 13 year old stallion has a more compact confirmation, producing some very lovely driving and mountain horses, although has produced some lovely eventing horses bred to the right mare. Finally, our newest stallion Beaumont born 2014, a very well bred, long legged stallion brought all the way from Ontario.  He will have very select breeding to outside mares.

Blain Coco Eros

Canadian Horse: Good looking, friendly stallion trained to ride and drive. Each year he has outstanding foals.

Temperament: Bold, friendly, reliable
Birth Date: 17 April, 1995
Color: Black
Markings: White left hind fetlock
Height: 15.2 hands
Sire: La Gorgendiere Viger Coco -6860- Black
Dam: Le Baronet Brandy Vickie -6292- Black
Training: Trained to ride, trained to drive single and double, used in parades and shows

Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke

Canadian Horse: All black, very friendly, quiet and right at the fence

Temperament: Very quiet
Birth Date: May 15, 2005
Color: Black
Markings: None
Height: 15 hands
Sire: South Forty Prince Fonzie -6860- Black
Dam: Lambert Heros Daisy -6292- Black
Training: Trained to ride

Beckett's Creek Yugo Beaumont

Canadian Horse: Young all black, good-looking, tall and very friendly stallion.

Temperament: Bold, very friendly, reliable
Birth Date: May 14, 2014
Color: Solid Black
Markings: Small Star
Height: About 16 hh
Sire: Beckett's Creek Ferari Yugo -13519- black
Dam: Beckett's Creek Alex M&M -9703- black
Training: Started under saddle