Canadian Horse Transport

For our Horses

Trailer for horse transport
Horse trailer with a lot of room

If time permits we can do the horse transport for you and deliver the horse to your stable (Alberta, B.C., Sascatchewan). Depending on the horse(s) and travel distance we charge an average rate of $1.5 per km forth and back.
During transport the horse is well fed and watered during stops. Horses can either be tied or free roaming throughout our stock trailer. We can haul up to 6 horses, depending on size. Weanlings and yearlings we can fit about 8. For long distances we can make a few stops in between. We like to stop about every 3-4 hours for the horse to have a bit of relax time and we do a full body over view to make sure they are handling the ride ok. All of our horses are given a trailering lesson prior to leaving to ensure that if you ever wish to take them somewhere they are easy to handle and transport.

Delivering more than one horse and our transport price drops considerably. A more expensive horse, to a lower priced horse will also effect the rate we charge for transport. If you wish for us to transport your new horse you can be given an exact rate before transport.


Horse transport to the U.S.

In the last years we had a couple horses going to the U.S.

Costs of the transportation depend on the distance, horse size and delivery date.  We only offer horse transportation of our own horses within AB, SK, BC and close by US States.  

Please have in mind that there are some additional costs to cross the border: 

  • Coggins Test
  • Vet Check
  • CFIA documents
  • Brokerage at border

Vet Check plus the Coggins Test are about $ 200 Dollars. Then CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) has to produce export documents: CFIA Check. The total costs beside the transport will be between $ 400 and $ 500 Dollars including the vet check, CFIA inspection and the brokerage at border. When you buy a horse at Canadian Hay Ranch we can assisst and do all the paper work required for the U.S. transport.


We only provide transportation for our own horses, we sell. Please ask for availability.