Riding Horses for sale

Currently, we have one outside, pretty mare from Vergreville for sale. Otherwise, there are only a couple young horses available ready to to be started under saddle this summer.


Awesome riding horse - Dahlia - sale pending

- great riding horse - top pedigree and personality for breeding -

Canadian Horse


Friendly, quite, brave
Birth Date: Sept. 25, 2016
Color: Black
Markings: small star
Expected Height: 15.2 hh
Sire: Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke
Dam: Blain Dakota Gloria
Price: $ 6000

Canadian Horse: Dahlia is such a great horse that we wanted to keep her. We would consider selling her if we can have one foal out of her.

Top pedigree. Traditional Canadian Horse build. Dahlia likes to bound to people. She is willing, learns fast and wants to please. She has a great mindset. Trained to ride, did small jumps with an intermediate rider. Not afraid of anything. Learns quickly. Dahlia will do great in any discipline you choose. Her price will go up with further training.

Canadian Cross Thoroughbred - Daybreaker

1 week of training


Canadian Horse


Very friendly, calm, curious
Birth Date: Sept. 25, 2016
Color: Brown / Buckskin
Markings: right hind white hoof
Expected Height: 15.1 hh -15.3 hh
Sire: Blain Coco Eros
Dam: Snow White
Price: $ 3100

Canadian Cross Thoroughbred: Daybreaker did awesome on her first ride. She is good with saddle and bit, getting on and off, walk and trot. So far she has had one week of training. Will be easy to break to ride. Would be broke to ride in a month. She is a very quiet horse. Easy to catch and follows you everywhere.

Daybreaker will make your day. She is charming, respectful and willing. Her quietness and confidence she inherited from her mum Snow White. She is a remarkable lady with the potential to be at the top in the show ring.