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2-year old gelding for sale

TWO YEAR OLD OUTSTANDING Gelding - EMCEE - had a couple rides

Blain Beaumont Emcee - easy going gelding started under saddle - $ 5000 Dollars

Big beautiful purebread Canadian Gelding. Emcee is a very smart, quiet and relaxed horse who learns quickly and listens to his rider. Learning to be saddled, long lined, lunged and ridden was a breeze for this guy. He has had a couple rides in the round pen, both walking and trotting, it won´t take long before he is finished. With continued training, Emcee should be a great trail horse, kids horse, pack horse, endurance and competitive trail horse and more. This quiet gelding has a ton of potential.

Canadian Horse: Emcee is a very friendly guy. He comes up to you and makes your day. He will be a tall handsome looking boy. He has the looks of his father Beaumont.  Excellent bloodlines with Ferari and La Gorgendiere Viger.

Personality: Very friendly, curious, playful
Birth Date: Oct 25, 2017
Color: Black
Markings: Medium Star
Expected Height: 16 hh
Sire: Beckett's Creek Yugo Beaumont


Green Acres Surprise Reine
Price: $ 5000 Dollars

Emcee will have the looks of his father Beaumont

- same build and same star

Yearling Geldings for sale

Blain Revelstoke FurY

Traditional Canadian Horse build gelding - calm, friendly & Confident

Canadian Horse:  Fury was quiet right away. After he knew that he got scratches, he followed you all over the place. He will be a smaller built horse with a calm, friendly personality and easy to train.

Personality: Very friendly, calm, easy to train
Birth Date: May 12, 2018
Color: Black
Markings: none
Expected Height: 15 hh, stocky
Sire: Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke
Dam: Blain Laugheed Nahanni
Price: $ 2400

Blain Beaumont FLYNT

Colt with a very calm disposition

Canadian Horse:  Flynt is an all black, very trustful and forgiving horse with a very calm disposition. He still looks like a foal. We expect him to look as good as his brothers and sisters (Elvis, Xenia) when he grows up.

Personality: Very friendly, quiet, easy to train, curious
Birth Date: September 5, 2018
Color: Black
Markings: none
Expected Height: 15 hh
Sire: Beckett's Creek Yugo Beaumont
Dam: Blain Revelstoke Mireille
Price: $ 2300

We have 2 more higher priced colts for sale which are not listed yet. Both are handled, very friendly and will have outstanding looks and personality.

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