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Yearling Filly - SOLD

Registered Canadian Horse: Jewel is a very quiet and friendly filly,  traditional Canadian Horse built with great conformation, would be also a perfect broodmare prospect.

Jewel would be a great horse for any family and discipline, riding and driving, showing, possible kids horse. 

Playing with the tarp, putting it on, dragging it behind, nothing bothers her from the very first time.

Personality: Bold, very quiet & very friendly
Birth Date: Jul 6, 2022
Colour: Black
Markings: None
Expected Height: 15-15.1 hh - stocky
Sire: Beckett's Creek Yugo Beaumont
Dam: Waitnsee Colbert Thyme
Price: $6000 - SOLD

Isha - 2 Year Old Filly Trained to Ride - Exceptional quiet riding horse - SOLD

Canadian Horse: Good looking filly, she will be tall  and stunning looking filly just like her parents.  Isha was a very quiet riding horses, since she was started to ride. Has been ridden walk, trot, canter, trail rides, kids riding lesson, trail rides. She is an easy going very friendly filly who would be a great horse for any family.

Please contact for updated riding videos and pictures.

Personality: Quiet, willing, and friendly
Birth Date: Aug 23, 2021
Colour: Black
Markings: Star
Expected Height: 15.3 hh - medium-stocky build
Sire: Beckett's Creek Yugo Beaumont
Dam: Blain Eros Wonder
Price: $8000 - SOLD

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