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3-year old filly for sale

Canadian Cross thoroughbred - Daybreaker

Blain Eros Daybreaker - 1 week of saddle training - $ 3500 Dollars

Freestyle groundwork with Daybreaker

Canadian Cross Thoroughbred:

Daybreaker stuck her foot trough the wire fence last summer, so we couldn't continue her training. Everything healed up fine and there won't be any long time issues.

Daybreaker did awesome on her first ride. She is good with saddle and bit, getting on and off, walk and trot. So far she has had one week of training. Will be easy to break to ride. Would be broke to ride in a month. She is a very quiet horse. Easy to catch and follows you anywhere.

Daybreaker will make your day. She is charming, respectful and willing. Her quietness and confidence she inherited from her mum Snow White. She is a remarkable lady with the potential to be at the top in the show ring.

She gets more stunning and prettier everyday.

Personality: Very friendly, calm, easy to train, willing to learn
Birth Date: Sept. 25, 2016
Color: Brown / Buckskin
Markings: right hind white hoof
Expected Height: 16hh
Sire: Blain Coco Eros
Dam: Snow White
Price: $ 3500

COMING 2-Year Old Fillies for sale

Blain Revelstoke FinessE - SALE PENDING

Smart easy going filly

Canadian Horse: Pretty and smart filly,  very friendly, easy to catch and handle. She learns quickly and was halter broke in no time. With her personality she will be a great addition to any family.

Temperament: Very friendly and smart,  great movements
Birth Date: Jun 12, 2018
Color: Black
Markings: Small fan, snip
Expected Height: 15.2hh
Sire: Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke
Dam:  Blain Esso Kate
Price: $ 2800

Blain ERos Fantasia - SALE PENDING

Stunning filly - full sister of CAESAR - SALE PENDING

Canadian Horse: For someone who is looking for an outstanding looking horse. She is the full sister of Caesar (all rounder and show horse with his age of just four). Fantasia tries to please, listens to the smallest pressure and is willing to learn. She would be a great horse for someone who plans on going to shows.

Temperament: Very friendly and smart,  great movements
Birth Date: Jun 8, 2018
Color: Brown
Markings: Large star
Expected Height: 15.3hh - Medium Build
Sire: Blain Coco Eros
Dam:  Pineview Alf Liberty
Price: $4300 - Price reduced $3500 - SALE PENDING

Blain Eros Fair*lady

Athletic build with stunning looks

Canadian Horse: Fair Lady inherited her good looks from her mother. She is a tall filly with feminine looks and an athletic build. She is not pushy, tries to please and listens to the smallest pressure.  We expect her to look like her mom (see last pictures in the image slider).

Temperament: Great movements
Birth Date: Aug 05, 2018
Color: Black
Markings: None
Expected Height: 15.3hh - Medium Build
Sire: Blain Coco Eros
Dam: Green Acres Surprise Ronnie
Price: $ 2700

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