Fillies & Colts 2018 for sale

We had 6 lovely foals last year. Two of them are still left. Blain Revelstoke Estelle we will keep ourself as a future broodmare. 

If you are interested in any fillies or colts, please contact us for any information. 

Enjoy looking up their mums and dads on our Website.

Every one of our purebred Canadian foals are handled from a young age. They can be sold as halterbroke,  with trimmed hooves and easy to trailer. Our babies grow up in a herd environment with other foals on a big pasture. Hence they are used to other horses and have lots of room to run, play and learn.

The foals are weaned from their moms between 6-8 months of age. Most have begun desensetizing to ensure the best start to their future whether that be riding or driving. Our foals usually end up in height somewhere between their dam and sire. They look for human attention and like being scratched.

First foal 2018

Blain Beaumont Freya

Pictures from our lovely foals last year - 2017

and some more ...

just born baby 2017
just born baby 2017 - Elyta