Fillies & Colts 2017 for sale

3 fillies born 2017, 2 more are coming - It is also possible now to put a deposit on any colt to hold the filly/colt of your choice. They can be picked up after a half a year, weaned, halterbroke, first trim and basic handling. You can visit them and watch them grow and develope their personality. Asking price is $ 1950 Dollars, no extra boarding to pay till they are ready to be picked up!

If you are interested in any fillies or colts, please contact us for any information. 

Enjoy looking up their mums and dads on our Website (listed under Broodmares and Stallions).

Every one of our purebred Canadian foals are handled from a young age. They can be sold as halterbroke,  with trimmed hooves and easy to trailer. Our babies grow up in a herd environment with other foals on a big pasture. Hence they are used to other horses and have lots of room to run, play and learn.

The foals are weaned from their moms between 6-8 months of age. Most have begun desensetizing to ensure the best start to their future whether that be riding or driving. Our foals usually end up in height somewhere between their dam and sire. They look for human attention and like being scratched.

Canadian Fillies for sale

Blain Revelstoke Esprit

Canadian Horse: Esprit comes running to greet you and loves getting scratched. She is a very confident, independent little girl who is sure to steal your heart. Esprit has no markings and will be pure black. We see her being a great partner for any discipline you choose.

Personality: Curious, independent, very friendly
Birth Date: June 10, 2017
Color: Black
Markings: None
Expected Height: 15.3 hh
Sire: Cherry Creek Fonzie Revelstoke
Dam: Blain Esso Kate

Blain Eros Elyta

Canadian Horse: Elyta's name is old English meaning little winged one and chosen partly because her star looks like the silhouette of a bird in flight. Her silver coat will mature to black. She is going to be a tall, athletic filly finishing around 16 hh height. Elyta is very friendly, energetic and curious.

Personality: Very friendly, curious, playful
Birth Date: July 3, 2017
Color: Black
Markings: Large Star
Expected Height: 16 hh
Sire: Blain Coco Eros
Dam: Hwyl Encore Portia