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Dear Earl Blain,

In March of 2016 we had the pleasure of meeting you and your beautiful horses. We drove to Alberta from Northern BC to choose our new family members. From our journey 5 year old "Blain Revelstoke Yoshi" endearingly renamed "Troy" and 3 year old "Blain Eros Apace" now called "Ferro," were our chosen ones! Since day 1 these horses continue to impress us, with their kind even temper, willingness and versatility. Often when riding we look at each other in shock and remark on how amazing these horses are.
For being so young they have always conducted themselves as old souls.

Troy our steady eddy has such an aptitude for work, he is all work and knows and enjoys his jobs. Ferro was started at the beginning of the summer and we are now on ride number 32. He is a brave and funny soul who loves playing and learning new tricks. We sure are looking forward to watching these two amazing boys grow this coming summer and embarking on many more adventures together. I have worked with many horse people and breeders in my time and your horses and your character Earl have truly impressed us. Not only in ensuring each horse is matched with the right owner but also your kindness and concern for the horses throughout their lifetime is a testament to your character, it was a pleasure to meet and do business with you. Thank you for breeding such outstanding horses.


Marcel and Breanne Dou Roig

My search for a good “go anywhere and do anything” horse for my youngest son was inspired by the lovely go anywhere and do anything attitude of the paint pony I grew up with. It is truly excellent to be the companion of a horse that thinks like that. It took several months of shopping for the right attitude before I finally ran across Earl’s website. Browsing his horses and seeing the pic of the young lady trainer standing up on the bare back of one of the horses at the ranch caught my attention, that is not something that the average trainer will teach a horse (and it was something I had taught my childhood pony). In browsing the horses available for sale, the temperament description in Banjo’s ad and the look in his eye drew me in. Earl were exceptionally helpful and accommodating when I requested video of Banjo doing various tasks so that I could get an idea of his attitude. I was pleased with both his attitude and with how much work had already been done starting him. Banjo was the right one! The purchase was made! We drove to Earl’s ranch in Alberta from the northern BC coast in the spring of 2017 to pick up our new family member. At the ranch, I felt at home with the old time farm atmosphere. I really appreciated that Earl took the time to let us work in his round pen for a bit with Banjo, and was very accommodating when I requested to visit with both of Banjo’s parents. I was very impressed with the temperament and looks of all the horses there!

Banjo was a real trooper on the trip home. He just breezed through the 18 hour drive home, midnight stops in the pitch dark to stretch his legs and all! He has been a pleasure to work with, and train. He is exceptionally friendly and enjoys just hanging out with whoever is in his pasture. He pics up new commands quickly, is very willing and interested in working. He has just the right mix of confidence, kindness, curiosity, willingness, independence and mischief, he is truly exactly what I was looking for! He is the most solid minded 3 year old I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you Earl and Merle for an excellent experience and an excellent horse!