Driving Horses for Sale

Quiet mare for group trail rides, possible kids horse - trained to ride and drive

Name: Cartrs Blackjack Coco
Breed: Canadian Horse
Training: Trained to ride and drive
Temperament: Friendly, quiet, beautiful movements
Birth Date: May 1992
Color: Brown
Markings: Left cornet band
Height: 15.1 hh
Sire: La Sabliere Royal Blackjack
Dam: Beaudoin Leo Surette
Price: $ 2100

Coco is a friendly, quiet mare perfectly suited for driving double and trail rides in group. She is a 25 year old mare with a strong build, no issues and healthy. She is such a nice mare that even kids can sit on her bareback while leading her around. She takes care of her riders and is a quiet mare on trail ride in groups. She has been used in parades and all over the place.

We have also a stallion trained to drive: Eros

He would also perfectly suit to Coco for team driving. Probably could make a good price for both as a pair.

Need anybody to train your horse to drive

We can help you to find the proper horse(s) with good fits for driving and train your horse to drive double and single. In three month you can pick up your horse trained to drive. Please check if trainers and horses are available.