Origin of the Canadian Horse - Characteristics, ...

Clix Photo, Horse-Canada.com, July/August 2017, p. 50
Clix Photo, Horse-Canada.com, July/August 2017, p. 50
The gritty Canadian Horse exemplifies the nation that created it. So why is it at risk of disappearing?
This is an article from "Horse-Canada.com" about the origin of Canada's National Horse showing two of Earl Blain's horses. Breed Characteristics, history and more - everything you should know about Canadian Horses. For the full version, download the article.
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Canadian Horses @ CANADIAN HAY RANCH

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Presenting 2 of our broodmares

Our broodmares have many years of proven breeding experience. Usually our broodmares don't have any health issues or problems with foaling. They give birth on pasture naturally. Our broodmares take very well care of their babies. Ronnie and Reine always had healthy and strong foals, who didn't need any additional health care.

The foals are usually very quiet and friendly, when they are handled from the beginning.

When we bought the horses back then, we did sufficient research to have a good blood line guaranteed.

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Pics of FOALS 2016


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